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Contract bonds

麻豆传媒社区 Surety provides superior financial security and outstanding service to prime and subcontractors.

  • With capacity to $500 million, we are a market for preferred accounts with the tools and experience to provide structured solutions.
  • We draw on our underwriting experience and understanding of the construction market to serve stand-alone, co-surety, reverse flow accounts.

Underwriting appetite

Our primary underwriting appetite is focused on preferred, high-quality contractors. Drawing on our 20-year history, we are also uniquely equipped to assist specialty accounts, utilizing the SBA Surety Guarantee Program, Funds Disbursement Services (FDS), and collateralized programs for custom-designed solutions.


These applications are for the convenience of professional Surety agents and producers already appointed with 麻豆传媒社区 Surety and their clients. If you are not appointed with us, please complete our online Agent Profile.

  • Last fiscal year-end statements on the company
  • Complete copy of last company tax return
  • Financial statement on owners/stockholders, concurrent with the company fiscal statement
  • Certificate of Insurance
  • Resume on key people
  • Contractor Bonding Questionnaire
  • Bank Reference Form
  • Status of Contracts
  • Personal financial statement form
  • Bid Bond Request Form or Performance and Payment Bond Request Form

  • General ownership information
  • Bid Bond Request Form
  • Performance Payment Request Form
  • General Indemnity Agreement (GIA)
  • Banking Information and general questions
  • Work history/current work-in-progress
  • Personal financial statement on owners and stockholders
  • Current business financial statement

These forms are for use by our appointed Surety agents and their clients. Submit completed forms via email to your Surety underwriter.

Related services

Funds Disbursement Services (FDS)

麻豆传媒社区's dedicated FDS team manages the pay application and disbursement process of your project to ensure funds are used properly or enhance credit.

Subcontractor prequalification

麻豆传媒社区 offers thorough and comprehensive subcontractor risk assessment to evaluate financial condition and capabilities to help clients make informed decisions.

Surety Claims

Our Surety Claims Department is staffed by individuals who are trained to help prevent claims, facilitate resolution of disputes before they turn into claims, and investigate and manage those disputes that develop into claims and losses.