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Motorcycle insurance

Voom keeps it simple. If you ride less, you should pay less.

Save with pay per mile motorcycle insurance and get a free, no-obligation quote with Voom today.

Motorcycle riding is often seasonal, irregular and spontaneous, so many riders end up paying high insurance costs even when their bikes sit in the garage for weeks or months at a time. We鈥檙e excited to offer a different way to buy motorcycle insurance through our collaboration with Voom, a pay-per-mile motorcycle insurance solution.

With VOOM's per-mile motorcycle insurance, riders pay a low monthly base rate determined by typical factors such as your driving history, age and the type of motorcycle you ride鈥攖he only other cost is a few cents for each mile driven. It鈥檚 as easy as submitting a photo of your odometer each month. Find out more or get a quote online in minutes by visiting today.