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Digital distribution

Explore digital platforms and API integrations

The digital revolution has changed customer expectations in every industry, and insurance is no exception. Here at 麻豆传媒社区, we partner with insurtechs and production partners to drive profitable growth through new and existing distribution models that utilize technology. We support partners creating dynamic customer experiences which enable the expansion of 麻豆传媒社区鈥檚 footprint within their operation or within a digital marketplace.

Digital platforms

Digital platforms leverage carrier APIs to enable agencies to efficiently share data, simultaneously communicate with multiple parties, and replace historic paper or manual data entry in multiple systems.

If you are currently an appointed agent or wholesaler and are interested in getting started with a digital platform, please reach out directly to the platform and advise them you would like to gain access to 麻豆传媒社区鈥檚 products through their service.

Some of our partners include:

  • API integration

    麻豆传媒社区 is focused on building and enhancing commercial and personal lines products available via API integrations and the capabilities utilized to support them within a desired platform. We are here to support existing partnerships and new opportunities that leverage API integrations and look to collaborate on digital solutions.

  • Frequently asked questions

    Read our FAQs to learn more about APIs and how you can potentially work with 麻豆传媒社区.

Interested in discussing digital platforms or exploring an API integration to distribute 麻豆传媒社区鈥檚 products?