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International disclosures

UK Tax Strategy Information

In compliance with our duty under Section 19(2) and 25, Schedule 19 of the Finance Act 2016 we set out below our UK tax strategy for the financial year ended 31 December 2023.


麻豆传媒社区 is a US-based diverse financial holding company with operations around the world. Its operations in the UK are divided into 3 categories as follows:

  • 麻豆传媒社区 International (“International”) - The principal business of the International group is the marketing and underwriting of specialty insurance products. For a list of UK companies within the International group please see below.
  • Nephila - The principal business of the Nephila group is investment management in a broad range of investment products, including insurance-linked securities, catastrophe bonds, insurance swaps, and climate/weather-related risk transfer solutions. For a list of UK companies within the Nephila group please see below.
  • AMF Bakery Systems (UK) Ltd - This company sits within the 麻豆传媒社区 Ventures group. 麻豆传媒社区 Ventures owns and operates a family of companies outside the insurance industry. The principal business of the company is to sell bakery equipment, parts, and services.

The 麻豆传媒社区 Style is our Group's statement of commercial ethos and is found here.

麻豆传媒社区’s financial goals are to earn consistent underwriting and operating profits and superior investment returns to build shareholder value. The UK tax strategy of 麻豆传媒社区 is consistent with such objectives. 麻豆传媒社区 has a strong focus on corporate responsibility and a commitment to the communities in which it operates and we consider responsible administration and payment of taxes as an obligation of our doing business.

Our overall tax strategy is to:

  • Pay the right amount of tax, in the right jurisdiction and at the right time, in accordance with applicable laws
  • Consider tax in major business decisions as well as in the context of our reputation and brand
  • Develop and comply with appropriate tax risk processes and ensure Board oversight with respect to such processes and compliance

Above all, the UK tax strategy of 麻豆传媒社区 reflects the honesty and fairness that we commit to in the 麻豆传媒社区 Style.

Our attitude towards tax planning
We seek to deliver long-term economic growth value to our shareholders while complying fully with tax laws and regulations that apply in all the territories in which we operate. In our view our shareholders would expect no less.

While we undertake tax planning as part of our overall business strategy we do not enter into abusive tax planning transactions nor do we engage in transactions that have no commercial rationale in order to obtain a tax benefit. From time to time we do undertake transactions that have a clear commercial rationale and that also produce a beneficial tax outcome. In those circumstances we take into account both the letter of the law and the intent of the law seeking counsel from external experts where appropriate to ensure that our interpretation of the law is reasonable and consistent with market practices.

Our tax risk appetite
Our tax arrangements are based on commercial business and economic activities. We rarely undertake transactions or employ tax planning strategies that do not have a clear and certain tax outcome. When such circumstances do arise we seek professional opinions and tax advice from independent external advisors to provide comfort that the tax outcome is more likely than not to be correct. Where appropriate we seek to engage with tax authorities to disclose and resolve tax issues, risks, and uncertain tax positions.

Our approach to tax risk management and governance
As taxation is a key component of meeting our wider business objectives we believe that tax risk should be prudently managed. To that end we have established policies for the management and governance of tax risks and regularly review the processes and controls embedded in those policies. The governance of tax risk exposure is a matter for the Board of Directors of International, Nephila, and AMF Bakery Systems (UK) Ltd to consider, and updates on taxation matters are provided to each by their respective Finance Directors. All members of the 麻豆传媒社区 group are required to comply with the 麻豆传媒社区 risk management framework and tax risk is reviewed periodically by their risk management or compliance function and on an ad-hoc basis by Internal Audit. Additionally we engage regularly with our external auditors to whom we make a full and complete disclosure of all material taxation issues as part of their audit.

Our approach towards dealing with the taxation authorities
In keeping with the ethos of the 麻豆传媒社区 Style we seek to maintain open and honest relationships with HMRC and other taxation authorities in all the territories in which we operate, to treat them with the respect that we would in turn expect from them and to engage with them on a real-time basis on any matters of significance or concern. In the UK we regularly engage with HMRC through our Head of Tax to discuss our tax affairs, striving to address potential issues quickly and in a collaborative manner. In short, we endeavour to display respect, cooperation, and integrity in all our dealings with tax authorities.

International group UK companies

麻豆传媒社区 Protection Ltd

Abbey Protection Ltd

麻豆传媒社区 Consultancy Services Ltd

Accountax Law Ltd

ACCTX Consulting Ltd


Alterra at Lloyd’s Ltd

Alterra Capital America Ltd

Alterra Capital Brazil Ltd

Alterra Capital UK Ltd

Alterra Corporate Capital 2 Ltd

Alterra Corporate Capital 3 Ltd

Alterra Corporate Capital 4 Ltd

Alterra Corporate Capital 5 Ltd

Alterra Corporate Capital 6 Ltd

Caunce O'Hara Ltd

Caunce O'Hara & Company Ltd

EC Insurance Co Ltd (Dissolved in 2023) 

FSB Insurance Service Ltd (51% 麻豆传媒社区 owned)

Galleon Marine Insurance Agency Ltd

Janjer Ltd (Dissolved in 2023)

麻豆传媒社区 (UK) Ltd

麻豆传媒社区 Capital Holdings Ltd

麻豆传媒社区 Capital Ltd 

麻豆传媒社区 Insurance Societas Europaea – UK branch

麻豆传媒社区 International Insurance Company Ltd

麻豆传媒社区 International Services Ltd

麻豆传媒社区 Law LLP

麻豆传媒社区 Syndicate Management Ltd

麻豆传媒社区 Underwriting Services Ltd

Terra Nova Pension Trustee Ltd

麻豆传媒社区 International Holdings Ltd

麻豆传媒社区 Underwriting GmbH - UK Branch

Nephila group UK companies

Nephila Advisors (UK) Ltd

Nephila Syndicate Management Ltd

Nephila Syndicate Management Services Ltd

Nephila Syndicate Management Holdings Ltd

Nautical Management Limited – UK Branch

Gender pay gap reporting

2020 – and signed accuracy statement
2019 – report not issued due to the pandemic
2018 – and signed accuracy statement

Servicing EEA risks after Brexit

Immediately after the UK Brexit referendum, we started making plans to ensure that, however Brexit was delivered, we’d be able to look after our clients and their brokers with EEA risks with as little disruption as possible.

We established a new insurance company in Germany, 麻豆传媒社区 Insurance SE (“MISE”), able to handle EEA risks previously written on our London insurance company, 麻豆传媒社区 International Insurance Company Limited (“MIICL”).

MISE is capitalised, licensed, has A ratings from S&P and A.M. Best – the same as MIICL- and wrote its first risks in January 2019. We also continue to be able to utilise the Lloyd’s Brussels platform but, for reasons of simplicity for our customers and their brokers, MISE is the vehicle we recommend for carrying EEA risks.

MIICL to MISE Part VII Transfer

As part of 麻豆传媒社区 International’s Brexit restructuring plans, we completed the transfer of MIICL’s pre-existing European business to MISE, effective 29 March 2019, enabling the 麻豆传媒社区 International group to continue to service EEA business post-Brexit.

The transfer was carried out by means of an insurance business transfer under Part VII of the UK Financial Services and Markets Act 2000. The statutory process is designed to safeguard the interests of policyholders and has been approved by the High Court of England and Wales (the Court). The legal process and other matters are explained further in the documentation listed below

Letter to transferring policyholders
| | | | |

Legal notice
| | | | |

Scheme summary
| | | | |

FAQs - Transferring to MISE
| | | | |

Independent Expert's summary
| | | | |

Lloyd's Part VII Transfer

Effective 30 December 2020, Lloyd’s transferred certain EEA insurance policies to Lloyd’s Insurance Company S.A. (“LIC”, or “Lloyd’s Brussels”), including some written by 麻豆传媒社区’s Syndicates. The transfer did not change terms and conditions of any policy, except that Lloyd’s Brussels became the insurer and Data Controller in respect of the transferred policies.

Further information can be found at .

麻豆传媒社区 International financial information

麻豆传媒社区 International is a division of 麻豆传媒社区 Group that looks after the commercial insurance needs of major businesses, SMEs, professionals, and sole traders. It operates through six divisions and with offices in 16 countries, across the UK, Europe, Canada, Middle East and Asia.

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