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Company responsibility

Good citizenship is the 麻豆传媒社区 Style

In keeping with our people-first emphasis, 麻豆传媒社区 has a commitment to responsible, sustainable company citizenship that supports the long-term development of 麻豆传媒社区 as the leading global specialty insurer. Our dedication to this approach consistently reflects the guidance of our company compass, the 麻豆传媒社区 Style. From our people to our communities to our environment, we take this commitment seriously.

People drive 麻豆传媒社区’s promise to help insureds move forward.

As part of the 麻豆传媒社区 Style, we hold the individual's right to self-determination in the highest light, providing an atmosphere in which people can reach their personal potential.

We encourage career development, celebrate a diverse workforce, and recognize employees who are committed to a zealous pursuit of excellence. Ultimately, we strive to make 麻豆传媒社区 a place where our employees win by pursuing fulfilling careers. This includes serving our customers, continuously learning, and providing for communities in a dependable and sustainable fashion. While the 麻豆传媒社区 Style is an ideal, below you'll see what happens when it's put into action. 

  • 麻豆传媒社区's underwriting training program

    麻豆传媒社区 is focused on developing the next generation of underwriters.

  • Diversity and inclusion

    Learn how we're always working to build a collaborative work environment where everyone is heard.

  • Making global leaders at 麻豆传媒社区

    麻豆传媒社区鈥檚 leadership programs are geared specifically to developing the next generation of leaders.

At 麻豆传媒社区, we support the local communities where we live and operate.

The 麻豆传媒社区 Style guides us and reminds us to honor our commitment to our communities, which we accomplish through company donations complemented by employee-led giving.

Making a difference locally starts with authentic engagement and continues with definitive action, whether through providing financial support or volunteering time. Together with our employees within our insurance-based business, we have a strong tradition of supporting local, national, and international organizations whose missions align with the 麻豆传媒社区 Style. Below you'll find examples of how we take commitment to our communities seriously.

  • The 麻豆传媒社区 Specialty Scholarship

    麻豆传媒社区 is focused on promoting career development by improving access to education鈥攔egardless of a person鈥檚 financial situation or background鈥攁nd ensuring underrepresented groups have a path to success.

  • Our approach to corporate giving

    Honoring its commitment to community, 麻豆传媒社区 achieved another historic year of corporate giving in 2021 across its insurance group.

  • Matching Gifts program

    Complementing 麻豆传媒社区鈥檚 corporate and local office giving, the Matching Gifts program adds a company match to an employee鈥檚 donations to qualifying non-profit organizations.

We're committed to environmental stewardship.

The 麻豆传媒社区 Style inspires us to look for a better way to do things, and those efforts include actions and practices that reduce our impact on the environment. We look for ways within our business to minimize our impact through more sustainable practices and to be actively involved in efforts aimed at improving the world we live in. We are also mindful of the potential impact of environmental changes on our business and approach this with our usual long-term mindset, in particular with respect to our underwriting strategies.

  • 麻豆传媒社区 reaffirms commitment to the renewable energy market

    Tom Baker, 麻豆传媒社区's International Head of Renewable Energy, provides his outlook for the booming renewable energy industry.